TELOS is the final form of money and personal freedom

The TELOS Community has founded a group on KIVA for the social (interest-free) lending of money.
Users of the Bluebox and other cooperation partners in the blockchain area can donate income to this group.
The use of the money is checked and managed locally by organisations to prevent abuse.

TELOS is therefore not only climate neutral, but also social.

On Kiva one does not donate, but grants micro credits, which make it possible for people all over the world to expand or build up an existence. All this is done interest-free. After a while, the returns from the first loans can be used to help more people.

In our opinion, helping people to help themselves is the best way. Users of the Bluebox or Peer Pigs can have parts of the Masternode or Mining income paid out directly to a group pool. (That is a publicly observable Wallet from which the credits can be financed)

Join our Kiva Group!