TELOS is the final form of money and personal freedom

I want to run a Masternode and get a passive income

For easy setup of a Masternode on a VPS please use the lobocaine script provided
It is an easy to follow MN installer script.

We call the adapted script from LOBO: Lobocaine Forte : )

Download and execute it on your vps with at least 4GB RAM that way (paste line by line):

chmod +x


After finishing it may be needed to execute for making all alias command available (depends on your roster):

source .bashrc

Currently it’s not suggested to launch nodes <300k collateral as the initial waiting time is super long.
If you own less Telos you better stake or use a shared pool service.

TELOS offers 5 TIERS of Masternodes starting at a Collateral of 100K TELOS and ending at 10M TELOS

100K (This node is the lowest TIER - it was 100x higher than the original 1000 TELOS NODE and it has 100x more chances to win a reward compared to a 1000 NODE which isn't possible to setup anymore)
300K (This node has 3x more chance to get the next reward compared to a 100K node. = it means you can save 1/3 of work as you need only one node to get mathematically the same number of rewards as if you would run 3x 100K NODES)
1M (This node is equal to run-in 10x 100K nodes)
3M (This node is equal to run-in 20x 100K nodes)
10M (This node is equal to run-in 100x 100K nodes)

At early days TELOS Network hat between 14000 and 17000 Masternode which caused an overhead and extraordinary work to keep em running. (the Collateral was 1000 TELOS).

We believed if we offer 5 TIERS we can have a broader accessibility for people of different countries.