TELOS is the final form of money and personal freedom

The Transcendence Blockchain Project launches Alexandria a Gateway between XBTX and TELOS.
The Beta is launching for Dashboard (activation fee is 100K TELOS) and Blueboxes. Each Bluebox provides 10GB storage to Alexandria during the beta. After that it is 60% of the System total storage which can vary.

With Alexandria the Telos community utilizes XBTX to create a decentralized internet based on IPFS.

This website for example is hosted on Blueboxes:

Each website or single File hosted will burn 5XBTX to define the ownership of the ASSET.
The hosting fee is paid with TELOS.

Right now the min amount is set to 200 TELOS+ 5XBTX for a File or website of 2MB.
If the available network storage doubles, the price (except the 5XBTX) halves.
If the Demand doubles, but network storage size is constant, the price doubles.
This way its self balancing on a demand basis.

By getting payed with TELOS, storage providers can stake coins and earn extra passive income by verifying transactions.

This is a one-time TELOS fee being shared with all Alexandria users. The 5XBTX will be burned in order to create the required Asset

This is the Beginning of LibertyNET our own decentralized vision. A free Internet with 0 dead links due to outtakes and no central attack vectors.
Besides that it is also the most cost-effective way to Host and share files.

Where to get Blueboxes: or search Ebay for "Bluebox TELOS"