TELOS is the final form of money and personal freedom


Telos (/ˈtɛ. lɒs/; Greek: τέλος, translit. télos, lit. "end, 'purpose', or 'goal") is a term used by philosopher Aristotle to refer to the full potential or inherent purpose or objective of a person or thing, similar to the notion of an 'end goal' or 'raison d'être'.

TELOS is an open source POS and Masternode powered Blockchain.
All you need to join the Network is a Computer. NO expensive and power consuming ASICS, NO expensive and power consuming GPU's are required. Everyone from Africa to Alpha Centauri can join and participate equal.

TELOS is part of the Transcendence Blockchain Project and the main coin. So if you look into google try both "TELOSCOIN" / "TELOS" and "TRANSCENDENCE" to find most of the info available.


You can accept TELOS payments on many shop systems and as donations on social media

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Start by downloading the the QT Wallet (See wallet section) and get some TELOS to begin staking or launch a Masternode.
Or use the Transcendence Dashboard Wallet to access 3rd Party service from your Desktop.

The Transcendence Dashboard is also the place to where the community creates Votings or Job Bounties to convince Devs and Freelancers to fulfil tasks.

The Dashboard also includes Kryptobay a Marketplace for new and used goods.

Currently TELOS is at Version 3.04 . The 4.0 is the current target and will be announced after the coming Halving in July 2021.

Soon we will add Proof of Storage to TELOS. See "Alexandria Section" on this website for more info about it.
If you like to feet the kitty and want to be informed a bit easier about developments, feel fee to join the TELOS INSIDER at Patreon and or the community discord.

Current Coin-Specs

TELOS offers 5 TIERS of Masternodes starting at a Collateral of 100K TELOS and ending at 10M TELOS

100K (This node is the lowest TIER - it was 100x higher than the original 1000 TELOS NODE and it has 100x more chances to win a reward compared to a 1000 NODE which isn't possible to setup anymore)
300K (This node has 3x more chance to get the next reward compared to a 100K node. = it means you can save 1/3 of work as you need only one node to get mathematically the same number of rewards as if you would run 3x 100K NODES)
1M (This node is equal to run-in 10x 100K nodes)
3M (This node is equal to run-in 20x 100K nodes)
10M (This node is equal to run-in 100x 100K nodes)

At early days TELOS Network hat between 14000 and 17000 Masternode which caused an overhead and extraordinary work to keep em running. (the Collateral was 1000 TELOS).

We believed if we offer 5 TIERS we can have a broader accessibility for people of different countries.

Staking is possible with 1 TELOS but due to the competition you should really own as much as possible to get stakes. Alternatively check out Staking-Pools .

Newbies should also consider to grab a mobile wallet (see options in Wallet-Section) and use Staking-pools and Masternode services.

Medium skilled people should consider to stake and run nodes on their own. Please visit the Forum or Discord for how-to's and "latest" Bootstraps and add nodes. This is a community project so please use the swarm-intelligince and learn from members instead of wasting your time based on old and dated how-to's you can find in the internet.

The Basic source of Info:

Important! Don't mix us up with TLOS. TLOS is not TELOS. The same name but different Ticker!
We decided to call us TELOSCOIN now to differ from TLOS. Important.. we are the cool ones with underdog leverage in the pipeline.

I want to run a Masternode and get a passive income

For easy setup of a Masternode on a VPS please use the lobocaine script provided here.
It is an easy to follow MN installer script.

We call the adapted script from LOBO: Lobocaine Forte : )

Download and execute it on your vps with at least 4GB RAM that way (paste line by line):

chmod +x


After finishing it may be needed to execute for making all alias command available (depends on your roster):

source .bashrc

Currently it’s not suggested to launch nodes <300k collateral as the initial waiting time is super long.
If you own less Telos you better stake or use a shared pool service.