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Projekt Lila AMIGA CD32 - incl. Remastered CDROM

  • Projekt Lila AMIGA CD32 - incl. Remastered CDROM
  • Projekt Lila AMIGA CD32 - incl. Remastered CDROM

The Project: Purple "limited edition" on CDROM will be produced and sold only once. No re-prints will follow, so everyone gets a collector's item.


In Project:Lila you take on the role of a cyborg fighter named Lila, who must stand up to a corrupt system. Once in government service as a fighter for law and order, she has fallen from grace for reasons still unknown and is now trying to find out who or what is responsible for this. The system has declared her enemy number 1 and so she is on her own.


The game is basically a homage to the classic Mega Man. However, with a small but subtle difference. Lila was damaged during her escape from her former colleagues and can therefore not run and shoot at the same time. For her repair and to gather information she has to collect the logic units of her opponents (so-called eBrains). Shooting in jump/fall is possible though. The whole thing leads to the fact that the player must proceed strategically and creates some stress situation... The levels consist of several levels, so it can happen that an opponent explodes over a precipice and his eBrain falls into the depth... Then it means quickly after : )


The game is deliberately kept in the 8Bit style of MegaMan (NES/Famicom), but also offers parallax scrolling in chase levels.


The soundtrack is contributed by BMR. MOD's of songs like "Listening", "Run" and "Work in Progress" were created, including vocals. In addition, German voice samples are incorporated.

System requirements:

CD32, 020 Amiga or PC with (AROS, Windows, Linux, OSX) or PPC computer with (Linux, OSX, AmigaOS4, MorphOS) or an indieGO! Console

Each with CDROM drive. 4MB RAM is recommended.

This DVD is compatible with: -AmigaOS -AROS -MorphOS

Price is including german VAT and shipment

We accept TELOS, XBTX and EURO

The offering is managed by

Kryptobay GmbH Unter den Ulmen 65 47138 Duisburg



New version

41.99€ (incl. 19% VAT)

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